The simplest yet most effective early outdoor warning system in the DIY market. The latest technology incorporated into a simple to use setup results in the best possible outdoor detection available.

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Askari Scout:

A battery-operated, dual-sensor, outdoor movement detector designed to detect intruders and wirelessly transmit the information to an alarm interface. Typically 2-3 other detectors would be required for the same detection area.

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Askari Spy:

A battery-operated, dual-sensor, outdoor movement detector designed to detect intruders and wirelessly transmit the information to an alarm interface. Designed as a less obtrusive unit to be aesthetically pleasing and blend into current surroundings.

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Askari Nano:

Once detection occurs, the Nano station will report which detector has been triggered through an audible and visual notification. It is a portable and re-chargeable base station that receives and transmits Askari signals.

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Roboguard & Askari

As Roboguard has formed an essential component of any security installation for the past 30 years, Askari has been developed to cater for the DIY market where qualified installers are not always prevalent.

Askari systems continue to provide the reliable early warning needed to protect but now caters for easier installation and transportation where ad-hoc or temporary detection is required.

Roboguard and Askari are the market leaders in outdoor early warning systems as well as pet immunity. Roboguard and Askari will continue to detect and protect for years to come.

Askari: Your DIY Solution

Askari has been based off the tried and tested Roboguard system but allows for the ease of installation and transportation of the early outdoor warning system.

Specifically designed for the DIY market where low risk sites can be adequately protected and secured. Askari provides the same quality and durability of Roboguard but aids in making the installation easier where temporary outdoor detection is required.

Campsites and caravan parks, fishing and hunting resorts, holiday homes and temporary livestock protection are all applications where Askari would be best suited and has been specifically designed according to our client’s current needs. The smaller unobtrusive beam allows for easier setup and the smaller range caters for the elimination of false alarms.

Once detection has occurred the user will be alerted and the relevant precautions can be taken, changing the element of surprise and eliminating unwanted visitors and petty theft within the demarcated detection area.

Roboguard: Your Profesional Solution

Roboguard systems provide a standalone or integrated solution to early outdoor warning detection. It is a The professional solution to outdoor detection that caters for all risk types, and typically requires a professionally trained technician for installation.

Based on site conditions and application, Roboguard caters for all sites and terrains, where it achieves the to achieve the maximum early outdoor detection necessary for the protection of people and assets. Once detection has occurred, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the outputs and notifications required to deter intruders. This puts putting the user back in control.

Roboguard is the beam of choice when it comes to permanent, outdoor, early-warning detection of intruders. 

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Askari Range of Products

Askari offers a wide range of quality security products to protect you and your family.

Askari Outdoor, Dual, PIR Motion Detectors

The Askari wireless detectors has been specifically designed for the alarm technician to seamlessly integrate the Askari perimeter beams into any alarm system.

The Askari wireless detectors has have been specifically designed for the end user as a DIY solution. The smaller, unobtrusive beams have been designed for easier transportation and installation. in such a way that it is easy to transport and install.

Askari has a formidable advantage over competition products competitors in being able to minimize as it minimizes false alarms, and can cope with a wide spectrum of environmental conditions. Ease, simplicity, and unmatched reliability.

Newest Technology

Our Research and Development teams work is directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of our products and processes by using the newest Technology available.

The Askari wireless detectors makes use of spread spectrum transmission technology, which makes it difficult to detect, intercept or demodulate.

The transmission on the outdoor detector signal to the receiver station is 400m line of sight which no other outdoor detection system can match.

An Askari Scout uses eight C-size batteries that will last three to five years, although some have lasted up to 8 years. The Nano Station will alert you when the batteries need replacing by flashing the trouble light.

The redesign of the internal components has ensured that Askari remains the beam of choice when it comes to DIY outdoor detection.

Detection Range

What distance does an Askari Scout cover ?

An Askari Scout uses two passive infrared sensors that will pick up any the change in light, heat, and movement. In order to To trigger an Askari Scout, you have to break both the top and bottom beam, which minimises false alarms to almost zero. There is an array of 11 beams covering an area of +/- 15 meters at a radius of 108°.

Askari Nano Station

The Askari Nano Station monitors up to 8 Askari Scout or Spy sensors.

The Askari Nano Station monitors up to 8 Askari Scout or Spy sensors.

It gives audible and visual indication of the activated Scout or Spy, and is completely wireless. Arming, Disarming, and a Panic can be incorporated wirelessly with additional Askari products. Stealth mode can also be enabled through the Nano station.

A “check in” signal is done every 20 minutes from each beam to confirm the system is in proper working order, and that there is no signal interference. All Askari Scouts and Spy's are tested up to 400 meters away from the Nano Station, line-of-sight.

Residential Security
The wireless system will give you early warning in an unobtrusive way, protecting your home day and night...

Commercial Security
The wireless system enables you, quickly and easily, to put early warning beams around your business premises without expensive infrastructure changes.

Industrial Security
Effectively protect expensive equipment and machinery...

Agricultural Security
The open spaces on farms make it difficult and expensive to secure your property.The Askari system achieves high-end security in these difficult to reach places...
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Quick and easy installation

The Askari System is easy to install, monitor and maintain for the purpose of temporary detection based on relatively flat terrain.

Hands-on customer support

We strive to service you as customer by offering  the best after sales and technical support.

1 Year Warranty

Askari products carry a one year warranty on all of it's products.

Secure your perimeter effectively and efficiently

The Askari Scout and Spy have special ultra violet proof, patented lenses (poly IR6) which are Guaranteed for 10 years of unimpaired function. The majority of competitive products use ordinary Fresnel lenses which deteriorate rapidly when exposed to sunlight. To compound this annoying weakness, some don’t even sell replacement lenses, thus forcing the user to purchase an entire new unit.

Askari Scouts detectors have a formidable reputation in being able to minimize false triggering, and offer the purchaser many different means of dealing with environmental issues that DO arise in exterior applications. Our competitors offer only a reduction in detection range and sensitivity.

Askari has detection coverage of 15 meters at 108 degrees. At present, known competitors have a less effective angle and range - typically 12 meters and a careful look at the beam array will reveal that the range is about eight meters only as both beams have to be triggered and the one that is lowered to reduce false alarms has a range of about 6 meters.